The oxenfurt drunk bug

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Joachim von Gratz is the chief surgeon at Vilmerius Hospital. He meets Geralt and Dandelion during the hunt for the serial killer known as the Concerned Citizen. Joachim is also a former professor at Oxenfurt University, where he was acquainted with Shani, who served as his assistant for a year.
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In this Witcher Contract, I get drunk like requested, walk around the Bar to draw out the Katakan. Finally he reveals himself to me and my next objective is (Kill the Katakan). I'm pretty sure there is no work around for it. You have to have the Katakan run away for you to pursue through Oxenfurt.
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Feb 05, 2013 · It's odd though as I completed a level 25 contract when I was level 20 and that was really easy, but this one (Oxenfurt Drunk) which was a just a level higher (26) was way too much to handle! Guess it didn't help that the place where you fight the enemy is a tiny little hut with not much room to manoeuvre.
Fixes an issue in the Contract: The Oxenfurt Drunk quest where the katakan was not hostile after being lured. Fixes an issue in the Contract: Shrieker quest where the shrieker was not hostile in certain situations. Fixes an issue where the player could not perform certain actions in the Master of the Arena quest. Entwickler CD Projekt Red hat den Patch mit der Versionsnummer 1.05 für die PC-Fassung von The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt zum Download veröffentlicht.
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Oxenfurt Academy is a good example of how certain types of construction material can take on associations of status: the hallowed halls of this elite institution are mostly masonry. Reflecting the social standing of its residents, the city as a whole is even characterized by its use of this material.
Description v. 1.05 Changelog:Fixes a possible exploit by preventing certain drowners from respawning infinitely.Improves the distribution of experience points gained by completing quests with recommended levels lower than the player character level.Merchants now offer more weapon types.Rebalances the prices of maps that can be purchased from merchants.Clarifies a number of crafting diagrams ... Or getting piss drunk over several hours and costing you like 50 gold, cause it takes a lot to get a Witcher hammered just so that you can track down a man/bat monster semi vampire type who likes the taste of blood of drunks. Just so so much stuff. The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: The Oxenfurt Drunk Contract - a vampire drinks the blood of drunk people. This video shows you how to finish the Witcher Contract "The Creature from Oxenfurt Forest" when get an non quest bug.
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