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This allows OpenTX companion to populate the model image selector with the images that are on the card, and do the same for audio files. Backup Folder: Location of backup eproms Default Stick mode and channel order: These will be applied when creating a new EEPROM document in OpenTX companion.
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Then, enter the SOUNDS folder, you will see folders for the installed languages on your transmitter. Next, go to the place where you extracted the INAV Fixed Wing Group - OpenTX Model Pack. Find the INAV Fixed Wing Group -Sound Pack Vx.xx zip file. Then extract this file and go in to the INAV Fixed Wing Group - Sound Pack Vx.xx folder ...
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Audio Files 8 Images 9 Warning These instructions assume the user has knowledge and experience with copying files with their Windows computer. Significate caution must be used with connecting and disconnecting the X10S and X10 from the windows computer and the file copy process. Good evening everyone, OK, I have a Horus X10S running OpenTX 2.3.x and it only comes with 2 "Themes" and each Theme has it's only picture that is the wallpaper. All I want to do i be able to change this picture for the OpenTX theme to the one I like or want. I have tried everything know to man...
The sd card contents can be downloaded using companion. Most of the download consists of audio files in the SOUNDS folder. To learn more read the Sounds & Announcements documentation and SD CARD screen documentation. The contents vary according to the transmitter based on their capabilities and existence of files compatible with their capabilities.
Files with soundpackfile extension can be found as sound packages prepared using the Stardock SoundPackager A soundpackfor OpenTX, containing realistic sounds from Airplanes like Boeing, Airbus, etc. Currently the soundpackcontains the following sounds: -10 -20 -30 -40 -50 -100 -200 -300 -400.. • Entering OpenTX Bootloader Mode • Backing up the Radio Firmware and EEPE model files • Installing a sound pack • Upgrading the Radio Firmware • Upgrading the Radio Firmware using the SD Card • Upgrading the Radio Firmware from a pre-2.0 version
$ git clone git:// $ cd OpenTX-custom-sounds Open sound configuration files to edit (and save), if desired: $ open custom.txt $ open system.txt Expected format is a six character name (a-z, dashes) and the text to be read, separated by a tab character. Sounds in system.txt should have the same names as and will overwrite existing system sounds or they won't be usable (without editing sound mappings). If you get “SD Card Warning” on OpenTX radio (Taranis, Jumper T16, TX16S etc), here is a quick fix. This is usually caused by outdated file content on the SD card after updating firmware. To enable sound packs, LUA scripts and other features, you have to have the correct files in the SD card.
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