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"Those scars are actually quite sexy, despite what you believe," Ben sighed. "You lie," Mal choked. "You know I would never lie to you. Mal, I love you. If you don't believe me, come out here and please let me show you." Mal wrapped the towel tightly around her, building up the courage to step out there in such a vulnerable state.
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Apr 15, 2019 · The Beginning. Eclipse. Scarlett, the daughter of Scar, lives on Isle of the Lost with her father, her best friends, and many, many other villains. When Scarlett, along with Mal, daughter of Maleficent, Evie, daughter of Evil Queen, Jay, son of Jafar, and Carlos, son of Cruella De Vil get invited to Auradon by prince Ben, their parents force them to go.
Nov 8, 2019 - Welcome to my descendants preference book. Characters in this book: Mal. Evie. Carlos. Jay. Ben. Uma. Harry. Jane. I hope you all enjoy 😊 Maleficent kidnaps Mal and kills her father, while the Queen was with FG, her sister-in-law and Belle, her neighbouring kingdom's Queen. They were having lunch when Amethyst got news of what happened, she cried for months and went into hiding, no one knew why though because everyone's memories were wiped by Maleficent.
Dec 30, 2016 - Read Haley daughter of Hades from the story Descendants 2 by Hades_daughter21 with 1,904 reads. bxb, haley, jamie. Name: Haley Age: 16 Ben is the son of Beast and Belle, and Mal is the daughter of Maleficent and Hades. They first meet each other at the beginning of Descendants and later start dating. They are the main couple of the films. They are still a couple at the end of Descendants 2. They are each other's true loves, as revealed when Mal frees Ben from a spell using true love's kiss. They are currently officially ...
Descendants - Interativa escrita por bbxseoul Em andamento Capítulos 6 Palavras 25.782 Atualizada em 03/08/2020 21:56 Idioma Português Categorias 101 Dálmatas, A ...
Descendants premiered on July 31, 2015 on Disney Channel, and received immediate commercial success.Prior to its premiere, it was viewed more than one million times on the Disney Now app. On its premiere night, the film received 6.6 million viewers, becoming the most-watched broadcast on the network of 2015, and the highest-rated broadcast on the network since 2013. See full list on See full list on
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