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Here is some info for the 1993 LT1 with Automatic 700R4 transmission. This is a cut and past from a forum where I helped a guy modify his stock harness. I will clean it up a bit later. connector # C100 - 10 pins - ** letter I is not used a - pnk - power feed from injector fuse 9 b - dk grn/wht - a/c compressore relay control
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Do I need to run a dedicated ground to the control box or gauge from my fuel sender? Not always. As long as the sender is properly grounded at the tank, a dedicated ground is not required. If you have troubles with the gauge reading 999 ohms in (SETUP/FUEL/TEST), run a twisted pair from "FUEL SND" and "FUEL -" terminal of the control ...
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Automatic Shift Linkage Arm T350, 400 & 700R4, TH200, 200R4 , 4L60, 4L60E, 4L80E Product Description: Our stainless steel shift linkage kits take care of shift linkage problems encountered when a steering column and transmission swap is done. The linkage arm is fully adjustable to match any shifting mechanism and indicator perfectly.
Jul 20, 2011 · Check line pressure. WOT shifts are the most difficult for a transmission to do; if it's hurting, then don't WOT shift it! Transmissions that don't shift at WOT often don't have enough line pressure to complete the shift. I'm not familiar with 700R4 shift behavior, but that's what I'd do if it was mine. We apologize that this item is not available for pickup in store at this time. However, this item may be purchased online to be shipped to home or may be purchased in person by visiting a NAPA store. If the item is not in stock at your local store, then your store associates can order the item for ...
Jul 04, 2014 · M1008 700r4 swap, gauge install, misc. repairs ... volt meter gauge works but not sure if the oil pressure or water temperature will work till I get the rest of the ...
Oct 21, 2008 · i have a 90k2500 with a built 700r4 transmission. i would like to install a trans temp guage. where and how do i install it. do i go from the bottom of the pan? or do i tap into the trans line and install the sensor before it goes in to the radiator? need some help before the snow begins to fall. Aug 20, 2017 · I've been doing some internet investigation on other forums of my problem of high 700r4 trans fluid pressure in idle. It seems that sticking throttle valves is a common problem. As the cable pulls out the pressure should rise from 65 psi (75-85 with the B&M shift kit) to 119-151 (166-203 with B&M shift kit) at full tv.
Jun 19, 2015 · The 700R4 is a popular choice for a hot rod transmission. Two benefits of the swap are the availability to add overdrive and a lockup torque converter to your vintage ride. A common hurdle in completing the upgrade involves finding a way to control torque converter lockup for highway cruising.
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